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Abalone - The abalone is an edible shellfish which has a shell with a pearly interior of mother-of-pearl used for making jewelry.

Acrylics - Acrylics, a type of thermoplastic, can be transparent or opaque, clear or various colors. Some brand name acrylics used in jewelry are Lucite and Bakelite. Plexiglas is another brand of acrylics.

Agate - It's a microcrystalline variety of silica, namely chalcedony. It is known by its fine grain and bright colors. Usually associated with volcanic rocks, it can also be common in metamorphic rocks. It was given its name by a Greek philosopher, Theophrastus, who discovered it on the river Achates (now called the Dirillo in Sicily) about the 3rd century. Many agates are hollow and the last deposit commonly consists of quartz, often amethyst, in which the spices of the crystals are directed toward the free space. With this crystal-lined cavity, it is referred to as a 'geode'. In the blue or gray agates, clear quartz crystals, or "drusy" can be found, and is usually treated separately.

Alloy - Alloy is a mixture of two or more metals, or a blend of a metal with some other non-metallic materials.

Amethyst - A variety of Quartz, Amethyst is commonly a violet color. It is the birthstone for February and the 6th Wedding Anniversary stone.

Anodized - Describes metal that is coated with a protective or decorative oxide.

Antiqued - Describes a new item that has a finish that makes the piece look old or well worn to give it character.

Artisan - A skilled crafts person who has designed our earrings.

Asymmetrical - Asymmetrical means not balanced or regularly arranged on opposite sides of a line or around a central point.

Aurora Borealis - An iridescent finish with a rainbow effect commonly referred to as AB. When applied to a clear crystal, the color becomes Crystal AB. Most AB crystals have are faceted.

Austrian Crystal - An imitation diamond, sometimes made of paste that has foil or reflective material on the back to reflect light.

Balsa Wood - Balsa is a light-weight softwood from the tree - ochroma lagopus. Balsa Wood is popular for carving and useful in many hobbies since it is both light-weight and strong.

Baltic Amber - Baltic Amber is hardened resin which dripped down trees in large virgin forests about fifty million years ago trapping seeds, leaves, feathers and insects before it hardened. Each piece of Amber is unique in its coloring and inclusions.

Bezel Setting - the earliest method of setting gemstones into jewelry was the technique known as bezel setting. The bezel is simply a band of metal which is shaped into the size and shape of the gem and then soldered into place on the metal of the jewelry. Finally, the prepared stone is placed into the bezel, or metal band and the metal is pressed down over its edges which locks it into place.

Bicone - A bicone is a bead or crystal that is formed by joining the wide ends of two cones together.

Birthcrystals - Birthcrystals are high quality cystals in gemstone colors. Cliptomania will always identify whether our products with names like topaz or ruby contain gemstones or crystals.

Biwa Pearls - A Biwa Pearl is a Japanese freshwater pearl with beautiful luster and unique shapes and textures.

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Bohemian Glass - Made since the 3rd century, Bohemian Glass or Bohemian Crystal beads are brightly colored, translucent glass beads. Mostly hand-cut, hand-painted, engraved or decorated with crystals, the beads can have any variation of these techniques.

Briolette - A briolette is a gem that has been shaped into a teardrop (pear) shape or oval shape, with triangular facets over its entire surface.

Bronze - Bronze is a metallic combination made usually of tin and other copper alloys.

Brushed - A finish that has been brushed leaves brush marks on the metal giving it a muted shine. The brushed finish is intentionally imperfect.

Burnished - Burnished metal is metal that has been polished until shiny, glossy or lustrous with an intentional worn look.

Cabochon - A highly polished convex-cut but unfaceted gem or gemstone.

Cannetille - The Cannetille style uses strands of jeweler's wire that are twisted and wound into intricate designs inspired by embroidery, popular during the Victorian era. While similar to Filigree which is typically flat, Cannetille is more 2 or 3 dimensional and features twisted coils and springs with tendrils.

Cat's-eyes - This gemstone, cut as to have a reflective band of light that comes from within, is usually chrysoberyl or chalcedony.

Ceramic - Usually made of a mixture of clay and chemicals at high heat, ceramics are a permanently hardened material useful in making beautiful earring beads and other earring components.

Chalcedony - It's the name for a group of stones made of microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz. Other stones in this group are know as agate, jasper, petrified wood or bones, bloodstone, tiger's eye, chrysocolla, onyx and carnelian.

Chic - As many of Cliptomania's earrings are - having style and elegance!

Citrine - Offical Birthstone of November and the 13th year Anniversary Stone. Citrine is a variety of Quartz and it's colors range from yellow, yellow-brown, orange to a reddish-brown.

Cloisonné - Cloisonné earrings are decorated with a pattern formed by pieces of enamel in various colors separated by strips of flattened wire.

Colors at Cliptomania:

Jonquil - pale yellowOlivine - olive-green
Topaz - yellow-goldenMontana - dark blue
Sapphire - brilliant blueAmethyst - light violet to a deep purple
Garnet - deep redPeridot - Light Green
Emerald - greenTurquoise - blue/blue green

Components - The parts used to make an earring are considered to be components (for example: beads, gemstones, crystals, metal pins, tops...)

Concave - Concave means to have the surface curving inward like the inside of a hollow ball.

Cultured Pearls - A cultured pearl is a naturally formed pearl created artificially by adding foreign matter into an oyster or clam shell to be covered with layers of mother-of-pearl.

Diameter - Diameter is the length of a straight line running from one side of a circle or a hoop through the center to the other side. Did you know you can search for a particular diameter size by using our Advanced Search?

Distressed - Distressed earrings are new earrings that have been finished by distressing them to look as if they are old or worn.

Drusy - Sets of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of another stone that creates particular characteristics, such as crystal size, luster and color. Quartz is the most common of drusy.

Electroplate - This means having a metal surface that has been plated or coated with another metal by using electrolysis or by passing electric current through the liquid the metal is submersed in. The metal coating, which is more durable than that of plated metal, can be in various thicknesses.
Embedded - Something deeply and solidly lodged or fixed in a surrounding mass.

Embellished - Embellished is when something is beautified by adding ornaments or other decorations.

Emerald - One of the most valuable gemstones and a form of Beryl, the Emerald comes in medium to dark green. The Emerald is the gemstone for the 20th Wedding Anniversary and the birthstone for May.

Enamel - Enamel is a glassy decorative or protective coating, usually colored and opaque, that is fused onto metal.

Etched - Etched means to cut a design or mark into the surface of something using a sharp point or laser beam or by the action of an acid.

Faceted - The surfaces of a cut gemstone or crystal that enhances the its sparkle by reflecting light at different angles.

Fashionista - A fashionista is someone who follows the trends in the fashion industry.

Filigree - Filigree refers to lacy metal ornamentation or delicate openwork designs. Wire that has been twisted into intricate patterns and soldered is considered Filigree and is very difficult to create.

Faux - Faux (pronounced foe) means an imitation of the real thing. We offer genuine pearls, but we also have a selection of Faux Pearls available. Glass-based faux pearls are considered to be the best quality faux pearls.

Foil Glass - Foil Glass is made by artisans using heated glass to form the desired shape on a metal rod. After a brief cooling period either 24k gold foil or silver foil is wrapped around the glass shape with another layer of heated glass wrapped around the foil encased glass shape. The choice of foil and the glass color combine to produce beautiful effects.

Freshwater Pearls - Freshwater Pearls are a kind of pearl that is shaped like a uneven grain of rice and produced by freshwater mussels in the U.S. and in China. Biwa Pearls are one example of Freshwater Pearls.

Friction clips - Similar to the clip-on earring top popularized by Monet in the 60's and 70's, this earring top can be adjusted just by squeezing the top until comfortable onto the earlobe. To see an image of this type of earring top (and many others), please go to our free informational website by clicking on this link - http://www.earringinformation.com/page4.html

Garnet - Garnets are most popular in deep red, but can come in most any color except blue. Garnet is the birthstone for January and the 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

Giclée printing - Giclée printing generates images from high resolution digital scans which are then printed with archival quality inks onto various surfaces including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The giclée printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.

Graduated - Graduated means measured in regular steps or specific stages. For example, a style of earrings or earring components where each one is larger or smaller sized by specific measurements.

Granulation - Requiring a high degree of jewelry making skill, granulation is a technique, developed in Ancient Greece, that arranges tiny gold balls in patterns and fuses them onto a piece of jewelry.

Half-Hoops - Generally, a half hoop earring looks like a hoop from the front but has a clip back (usually a paddle back) that goes straight up behind the ear. To see an example of the paddle back, you can click this link - http://www.earringinformation.com/page4.html

Hammered Finish - Earrings that have hammered metal has been hammered or pounded to give texture or shape to the metal. Some designers leave hammer marks to show that their earrings have been hand-made instead of mass produced by large companies.

Hematite - Hematite is a shiny blue-black to dark gray mineral consisting of iron oxide that has become a popular jewelry finish. At Cliptomania, we have many styles in Hematite. Just do a search in the upper left hand corner for the word - hematite.

Hinged Screwback - A type of clip-on earring top that has both the screw that adjusts the tightness of the earring on the earlobe, and a hinge that can be used to take the earring off and put it on without further adjusting the tightness. To see an image of this type of earring top (and many others), please go to our free informational website by clicking on this link - http://www.earringinformation.com/page4.html

Hypoallergenic - Our hypoallergenic earrings are earrings not likely to cause problems for those with allergic reactions to metal.

Inclusions - Because Amber is formed with sticky tree resin, it often has bits of insects and other biological particles trapped in it, that is referred to as inclusions.

Intaglio - Intaglio is a method of design that a gemstone has where a hollowed out design has been carved on it or a very detailed design, formed by putting a thin layer of antique jet glass over highly decorated antiqued silver with cuts in the jet glass until the silver shows through.

Iridescent - Iridescent means having rainbow colors that appear to move and change as the angle at which they are seen changes.

Jade - Usually seen as an emerald green color but can appear in speckled green and white and rarer colors of yellow, pink, purple and black.

Jasper - The word "Jasper" is a derivative from the Greek word for "speckled or spotted stone." It is typically opaque with a dull to pearly luster. Because jasper polishes well, it is a frequent medium of cabochons, mosaics, and ornamental objects. Color is attributed to finely disseminated organic, hematite or geothite particles. The percentage of those foreign materials present in the stone determine its color, pattern, texture, and overall appearance.

Karat - Karat is the measurement of the fineness of gold. (example: Pure gold is 24K gold, 18K is 18/24 gold, 14K is 14/24 gold and 12K is 12/12 (exactly half gold).

Lead-free - Containing no harmful levels of lead, a chemical element that is a heavy bluish gray metallic element that bends easily. As it comes from the ground, all metal contains some lead. Since none of our earrings are all plastic, they do contain some lead. When you see metal jewelry marked lead free the manufacturer is really saying it is lead compliant - that is it meets the California standards for percentage of lead.

Length - Overall, length is measured from the top of the clip to the bottom of the earring.

Linear - Linear means relating to a straight line or capable of being represented by a straight line.

Marcasite - Marcasite is a mineral composed of iron sulfide from the mountains of Switzerland that is cut with many facets to bring out brilliance and sparkle. Marie Antoinette owned several pairs of marcasite earrings that were the envy of her entire court.

Matrix - In gemstones the pattern formed by fine embedded grains of minerals, rocks, lava ,etc.

Matte - Matte is a satin finish or less glossy finish.

Mini Clip - This is a small clip-on earring top that is used primarily for Cliptomania's earrings for Children and for our Pretty and Petite earrings. To see an image of this type of earring top (and many others), please go to our free informational website by clicking on this link - http://www.earringinformation.com/page4.html

Motif - Motif refers to a design or pattern that is repeated over and over.

Mother-of-Pearl - is the iridescent coating on the inside of mollusk shells. It is so named because when an irritant gets inside a shell, the shell protects itself by coating the irritant with the same material of its lining (nacre) that creates pearls. Mother of pearl has been treasured in jewelry for many centuries. Do not use alcohol to clean it as it will eat through the nacre, causing irreparable damage to the color and luster.

Nacre - See Mother-of-Pearl above.

New Silver - Click here to see the Silver Filled description.

Nickel-free - Nickel is the metal that causes most allergic reactions to jewelry. Most people with metal allergies, can wear our nickel-free earrings that have no nickel. Nickel is a hard, corrosion-resistant metallic element. Note: Nickel free earrings are softer and more delicate than regular jewelry. Our non-pierced earrings will need to be handled with care or they can break.

Non-Pierced - All of our earrings can be worn by anyone! We don't sell pierced earrings and our earrings are clip-on, magnetic, have spring-loaded mechanisms or have some other method of staying on without requiring holes in your ears.

Olivine - A magnesium iron silicate, Olivine is named after its olive green color. This mineral has even been found in meteorites.

Onyx - Onyx is the 7th year Anniversary Stone and has a fine texture and black in color.

Opal - Is the birthstone of October. There are two types of opal, common and precious and is determined by the way the silica particles form. (example: precious opal: silica particles are packed in regular rows and layers. While common opal refers to both the crystal type opal (translucent) and the milky opal (opaque).

Opaline - an opaque or semiopaque whitish glass.

Opaque - Opaque means not transparent or translucent. It is impervious to light and you can't see through it. It is usually not shiny, either.

Openwork - Openwork is a design using patterns of holes or circles, similar to embroidery openwork.

Organic - Organic means developing naturally, occurring or developing gradually and naturally, without being forced or contrived. Another type of organic is chemistry belonging to a family of compounds that have chains or rings of carbon atoms linked to atoms of hydrogen and sometimes oxygen, nitrogen, and other elements.

Pavé - Setting stones close together so as to show no metal between them is called pavé - with an accent over the é that may not show on the Internet - pronounced pa vay.

Pearlized - Having an iridescent shine or luster like a pearl.

Peridot - Also known as Olivine, Peridot is a magnesium iron silicate having a olive green color and is only in that color. Peridot is the only gemstone found in Meteorites and is the French word for Olivine that is gem quality. Peridot is the birthstone for August and the 16th Wedding Anniversary.

Pewter - Pewter is a tin and lead alloy that can be a dark gray dull metal with a blue or purple cast to it. Pewter starts out bright and shiny but oxidizes over time and can go to a dark gray tint. While Pewter does not tarnish readily, it does occasionally need cleaning.

Platinum - Platinum is a precious silvery white metal usually mixed with other metals like nickel or iridium, that is highly resistant to chemicals and heat and will not oxidize in air. It's known for its tarnish resistance and wears well.

Porcelain - Porcelain is a hard, ceramic material that is translucent

Quartz - Quartz is the most common mineral on earth and is a crystalline mineral that comes im many froms. This includeds amethyst, citrine, rock crystal, rose quartz, tiger's eye & chalcedony.

Resin - Resin is a semisolid substance secreted in the sap of plants and trees. For instance, Baltic Amber is hardened resin which dripped down trees in large virgin forests about fifty million years ago trapping seeds, leaves, feathers and insects before it hardened. Each piece of Amber is unique in its coloring and inclusions.

Rhodium - Rhodium (a member of the platinum family) is a hard, silvery white, metallic element, which is resistant to corrosion, used for alloys and plating on our earrings.

Rondelles - Often spelled rondelle, a circle of beads that are rounded.

Sapphire - Having remarkable hardness, this gemstone can by colorless, and can come in every color except red (the Ruby) and pinkish-orange (which is the parparadscha) but the most common color is blue. Sapphire is the birthstone for September and the 45th wedding anniversary is known as the Sapphire anniversary.

Seed Beads - Seed beads are uniformly shaped, circular beads that are usually very small.

Silver Filled - Also known as 'new silver' - is a layer of real sterling silver fused and soldered to a base metal (usually brass). Like gold-filled metal, but with twice the amount of sterling per total weight, it has the beauty of sterling silver without today's high price.

Sizes - Small, medium and large are relative to the earring and are not standard specific sizes. Please read the description to know the specific size. Small in one earring may not be small in another.

Spring-Loaded - At Cliptomania, we have Gold and Silver plated Hoop Earrings that have a spring-loaded plunger mechanisms. You slide the plunger back, put the opening over your ear lobe and let go of the plunger. The spring inside the earring keeps the earring comfortably snug on your earlobe and no one can tell that your earrings are non-pierced. These are our most popular earrings.

Tarnish - Tarnish means the dullness or discoloration of metal affected by oxidation or rust. Earrings can become tarnished by oils in the skin, sprays such as cologne or hair spray, laying your jewelry on freshly waxed furniture, and from living close to the ocean. It can be prevented by polishing your jewelry before you put it in your jewelry box. Better yet, our Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths are excellent for polishing your fine jewelry and you can search for them by typing 'polishing cloth' in our search box in the upper left hand corner.

Tiffany Setting - A setting that has long slender prongs holding the stone so that light shines through it from all sides. This setting was introduced by Tiffany & Co..

Tiger's Eye - Tiger's Eye is the the Planetary Stone for Gemini and the 9th year Wedding Anniversary Stone. Is a member of Quartz (chalcedonies) and shows a silky luster as light is reflected within the fibrous bands.

Topaz - As the birthstone of November (in Yellow), this gem having vitreous luster can be colorless, green, yellow, blue or red. Yellow Topaz is also the state gemstone of Utah and a symbol of friendship. Blue Topaz is the state gemstone of Texas.

Tracery - Decorative patterns of interlaced lines, like those found in Church windows, are considered to be tracery.

Translucent - Our translucent earrings allow light to shine through diffusely or have a glowing appearance.

Turquoise - As one of the most ancient gemstones, it is a copper aluminum phosphate that comes from areas rich in copper. The copper causes the Turquoise to have more blue in it but the colors can range from blue -and blue-green to greenish- gray. Turquoise is the December birthstone and the 11th Wedding Anniversary stone.

Two-tone - Having 2 colors or 2 shades of the same color.

Unakite - Unakite is an altered granite, composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and generally clear quartz, found in the Unakas mountains of North Carolina. Nicknamed "Spinach on a brick" and marbled with various shades of green and brick red, this is considered to be a semi-precious stone.

Vermeil - Vermeil is a minimum of 10 karat gold plating over Sterling Silver earrings.

Vintage - Vintage is often described as being of high quality, having lasting appeal and is considered dated but not old enough to be antique.

White Gold - An alloy of gold made with nickel. Sometimes mixed with palladium or zinc. White Gold has a brighter & whiter color than silver due to the nickel content.

Yellow Gold - Gold that has alloyed with a mix of 50% copper and 50% silver.

Zinc - Zinc is a lustrous blue and white metallic element that is malleable when heated, and can be alloyed with copper to form brass.

Zircon - This natural gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors but is most popular in Blue. Being the alternate Birthstone for December, the Zircon is a mineral and not created by man like the Cubic Zirconia.